Video From Dragon Con Robot Battles 2014

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I’ve got all my video from Dragon Con Robot Battles 2014 posted and sorted into handy playlists:





Now Available: Chaos Hubs

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After seeing a complete lack of decent Colson hubs on the market for a 1/2″ keyed shaft I made my own.

The initial run of these was fairly small, however if they’re popular I’ll be stocking larger quantities in the near future.

General Specs:
Press fit for 1-3/16″ bore
Intended for 1-1/2″ wide Colson caster wheels, able to be adapted to 2″ Colson caster wheels that have the same bore.
Overall Width: 1-3/4″ including 1/8″ flange
Material: Delrin
Bore: 1/2″ with 1/8″ keyway
Includes slot for 1/4″ key on OD. For purchased wheel assemblies the Colson wheel will be broached and installed with a 1″ long key.

Bare Hubs: $10
1-1/2″ wide wheels
3″: $20.50
4″: $20.00
5″: $20.00
6″: $21.00
8″: $26.50

I don’t have a formal store/shop set up yet, so if you’re interested contact me at



Preparations for Dragon Con 2014

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There wasn’t much to be done after Clash of the Bots, so the turnaround time was minimal. This year we’re bringing a total of 8 bots to Robot Battles.

NCR's entries for Robot Battles 50

From top left to bottom right-

Dolos, 12lb wedge with free swinging catch hook
Nyx, 30lb brick with a powered lifting spike
Spanky, 30lb overhead thwack bot with interchangeable weapons including an axe and a chainsaw
Hypnus, 12lb wedge with catch hooks
Klazo, 1lb drum bot
Algos, 1lb vertical drumette
Reptar, 1lb front hinged flipper
Gelos, 1lb thwack bot

Clash of the Bots 2014

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Video from Clash of the Bots 2014 is up and has been sorted into convenient playlists for easy viewing:




Algos and Klazo both took home podium finishes with Algos placing 2nd and Klazo placing 3rd.

Robot Combat 101

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For anyone looking to download a copy of the presentation I gave today at Freeside I’ve got the full presentation uploaded and available at

If you’ve got any questions about robot combat, feel free to contact me at

Motorama 2014 Playlists

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Got all of my video from Motorama uploaded and sorted into playlists for easy viewing:

150g Playlist:

1lb Playlist:

3lb Playlist:

12lb Playlist:

30lb Playlist:

Sportsman Playlist:

Motorama 2014 Video coming soon

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Once we’re back to Atlanta the identification and conversion process will begin. After that, all the video from Motorama will flow online as quickly as my connection allows. Keep an eye on for updates. I expect the first videos to show up late Monday night. Once all the video is up I’ll post links to the individual weight classes.

Introducing Spanky

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In preparation for Motorama 2014 I built a new 30lb Sportsman class robot for my fiance Julie. She picked the design and did a great deal of the conceptual work, as well as some fabrication, I figured out how to make her vision a reality.

Spanky is at its core an overhead thwackbot. Where it differs from many is that it has a wide variety of interchangable weapon systems including a circular saw, a chainsaw, an axe, and a hammer.





Video from Dragon Con Robot Battles 2013

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The video is up and ready for viewing.





Dragon Con Robot Battles and Micro Battles 2013

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Algos, Apollyon and Nyx won their respective classes (1, 12 and 30lb) going undefeated at Dragon Con Robot Battles. I’ll be getting started on the video tonight, so watch for the matches to trickle onto my youtube channel . Once everything’s uploaded I’ll put together playlists for each class and put up a new post with links to the footage.

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