Chaos Hubs

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Chaos Hubs are available now. To order, send an email to with sizes and quantities.



After seeing a complete lack of decent Colson hubs on the market for a 1/2″ keyed shaft I made my own.

The initial run of these was fairly small, however if they’re popular I’ll be stocking larger quantities in the near future.

General Specs:
Press fit for 1-3/16″ bore
Intended for 1-1/2″ wide Colson caster wheels, able to be adapted to 2″ Colson caster wheels that have the same bore.
Overall Width: 1-3/4″ including 1/8″ flange
Material: Delrin
Bore: 1/2″ with 1/8″ keyway
Includes slot for 1/4″ key on OD. For purchased wheel assemblies the Colson wheel will be broached and installed with a 1″ long key.

Bare Hubs: $10
1-1/2″ wide wheels
3″: $20.50
4″: $20.50
5″: $20.00
6″: $21.00
8″: $26.50

Current stock sits at 55 hubs. (8 in black, 47 in white)

Review By Pete Smith published in Servo Magazine:

“The 1.5″ and 2″ wide Colson wheels have been popular in the 30 lb+ weight classes in combat robotics for many years, but builders often had to make their own hubs to mate the large bore of the Colsons with the standard 1/2″ keyed shafts that come on drive gearmotors like Banebots P60s.
Near Chaos Robotics has filled that gap in the market with their new “Chaos Hubs.”
Machined from Delrin — a tough but light plastic — the hubs have keyways to lock the hub to the shaft and to the wheel.
A shaft clamp (not included) could be used to keep the hub and wheel from sliding off the shaft.
The basic hub weighs only 1.5 oz (44 g) including the key, and are a perfect fit with the 1.5″ wide Colsons. They can also be used with the 2″ wide wheels. A complete 4″ x 1.5” wheel assembly weighs only 9.2 oz (262 g).”